Change is the only thing we can be sure of. 

As summer ends many people are facing change in their lives; for example, a new school or college. Of course, change can happen at any point and might be something like moving house, or changing jobs. If change is something that you find difficult to cope with, it can be really hard, and it can be a difficult thing to explain to others.

You might find that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) could help. CBT works on the premise that how we think about situations can affect the way we feel and behave.

Let’s unpack that:Your manager has asked if you would like to take on some new responsibilities.

  • Thoughts: I can’t do it, I’m going to fail.
  • Feelings: I am worried, I feel anxious.
  • Behaviour:  Turn down the opportunity, lose sleep over it.

Why is this?

We are experiencing a loop of negative thinking; we don’t think we are good enough, we don’t take opportunities and then we fail to get evidence to the contrary, so we continue to believe that we are not good enough.

Working with a therapist you can help you understand where the negative thinking stems from, and how to address this. A therapist can give you exercises to help you find ways to cope with stressful situations; or may support you so that your perception changes.

Back to the example:

Your manager has asked if you would like to take on some new responsibilities at work.

  • Thoughts: That’s a huge compliment and a great opportunity.
  • Feelings: I am looking forward to getting started.
  • Behaviour: Grasp the opportunity!

So, the way we think certainly seems to be at the root of those awful feelings we experience. If you are facing a change that is causing you undue stress, do think about talking to a therapist. They can work through the problem with you to help you understand where the anxiety is coming from, and what you can do to handle it more effectively.

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