Free initial assessment

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We begin our counselling journey with an initial 20-minute telephone assessment, for which there is no charge. This is your chance to start sharing your story and to decide whether Freedom Therapy is right for you.

If you choose to continue, standard appointments last 50 minutes and cost £55.

There is no obligation to see our Belper therapist again if you decide we are not right for you. We recognise the importance of finding a counsellor that you connect with and that might not be us.

You can pay by BACS, cheque or cash and we will always take payment and discuss future appointments at the beginning of your consultation session so you don’t have to consider it again. We recognise that some people find this aspect of therapy uncomfortable.

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Practice hours

We offer a flexible service and are happy to have an email or phone chat to find a mutually convenient time for your first and ongoing sessions.

We ask that appointments are cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and we will give you a number to text us on for this purpose.

…my head is in a good place at the moment and from the tools you’ve provided me with, I feel that I’m now able to process and deal with issues/thoughts/general family annoyances in a completely different way…. thank you so much for the support you’ve provided me and the tools you’ve shared. I feel a completely different man/father/son for which I’m truly grateful. C.B., Derbyshire


Nicola is a true professional and excellent psychologist. Her determination to provide innovative solutions as well as her attention to detail and client focus sets Nicola apart. I was able to learn from her knowledge, professionalism and passion. Nicola is a mentor to me due to her patience and support – always taking the time to nurture development and push me to grow. L.S, Derbyshire