Discussing mental health at work: the podcast

freedom therapy Belper
Freedom Therapy Psychotherapist, Nicola Tatham, has been discussing mental health at work with Chartered Psychologist, Dr Richard Mackinnon on the WorkLifePsych podcast.

Unlike physical conditions, which can be obvious to other people, mental health conditions may go unnoticed for some time. Despite roughly one in four of us experiencing a mental health condition during the course of our lifetime, mental health can still be a taboo subject and those living with such conditions can experience stigma and unfair treatment.

In this podcast we discuss how important we believe it is to destigmatise mental health and to get a level playing field between it and physical wellbeing at work. We talk about how line managers can start to look for some of the signs of mental health conditions, how they might offer support and open up lines of communication and how they can help to employees experiencing a decrease in their mental health. We also pick up on some of the key factors that have been identified as being linked to work stress by the Health and Safety Executive.

You can download the episode via your podcast app of choice, listen to it via the WorkLifePsych website or download it directly via this link. WorkLifePsych is a team of occupational psychologists who support individuals, teams and organisations to develop their effectiveness, productivity and wellbeing.

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We are also able to support businesses with mental health awareness and supporting their employees.